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M S Swaminathan
Title : Agrobiodiversity and Achieving the Zero Hunger Challenge
Peter Raven
Title : Biodiversity, Food, and the Future
R S Paroda
Title : Managing Agrobiodiversity through Use: Changing Paradigms
M. Ann Tutwiler
Title : Agrobiodiversity to
Achieve SDGs
Marie Haga
Title : Building a global system for the ex situ conservation of crop diversity: The role of the Crop Trust
G S Khush
Title : Agobiodiversity use for food Security
T Mohapatra
Title : Indian Agrobiodiversity Management System
Ronnie Coffman
Title : Rust, Risk, and Germplasm Exchange: The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative
J S Sandhu
Title : Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives at Indian National Genebank A Gap Analysis
Martin Kropff
Title : Why we need effective partnerships and agrobiodiversity to feed 9-billion people?
J K Jena
Title : Conservation and Management Approaches of Fish Genetic Resources in India: Present Status and Future Outlook
Carl-Gustaf Thornström
Title : Dimensional Analysis of International Regulations of Biological Matter, Genetic Resources and Agrobiodiversity
Rai Singh Rana
Title : Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing: Indian Experience and the Way Forward
Emile Frison
Title : From Industrial Agriculture to Diversified Agroecological Systems
RR Hanchinal
Title : Indian Initiatives on Farmers’ Rights
Stephan Weise
Title : International PGR Networks on Commodity Crops - Lessons Learned and Success Stories
Mohammad Ehsan Dulloo
Title : Developing National Strategies and Action Plans for In Situ Conservation of CWRs
Toby Hodgkin
Title : Exploring the Benefits of a Systems based Approach to Plant Genetic Resources Conservation
Nigel Maxted
Title : Impacts of Changing Climate on Conservation Priorities for CWRs
Raghunath Ghodake
Title : Implementation of SUWON Declaration
Hugh Pritchard
Title : Priority Science for the Preservation of Priority Crops
Michael Halewood
Bart Panis
Title : Securing Plant Genetic Resources for Perpetuity through Cryopreservation
Stefan de Haan
Title : Conservation Dynamic of Root and Tuber Crops under On-Farm Management
H D Upadhyaya
Title : Germplasm Management for Enhanced Genetic Gains
Ravi Khetarpal
Title : Converging Provisions of CBD and WTO to Ensure Biosecurity
N K Krishna Kumar
Title : Insect Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Agriculture
N Murthi Anishetty
Title : Genebanks : Management of Genetic Erosion in Ex Situ Collections
Ravi Singh
Title : Utilizing Genetic Diversity in CIMMYT Global Wheat Breeding Program
T R Sharma
Title : Genome analysis of rice genetic resources for the identification of novel genes and alleles for biotic stress resistance
Ahmed Amri
Title : ICARDA Efforts to Promote In Situ/On-Farm Conservation of Dryland Agrobiodiversity
Arjava Sharma
Title : Farm Animal Genetic Resources: Evaluation and Conservation in India
Anil Kumar Saxena
Title : Microbial Diversity of Extreme Regions: An Unseen Heritage and Wealth
J L Karihaloo
Title : Biosafety Regulatory Systems in the Asia Pacific
Priyadarsanan Dharma Rajan
Title : Re-portrayaling the green canvas : Needs for heterogenizing agroecosystems for conserving the ecological services
Ilse Köhler-Rollefson
Title : Access and Benefit-Sharing of Animal Genetic Resources
Jacob van Etten
Title : Climate Change and Agricultural Biodiversity: Rethinking the Role of Science
Derun Yuan
Title : From Individual Glory to Collective Excellence and Prosperity
Lava Kumar
Title : Biosecurity Issues in Germplasm Exchange: African Experience
James Reecy
Title : Genetic Improvement of Production and Adaptive Traits in Livestock
S Muranaka
Title : Harnessing Traditional Foods for Nutrition and Health
Badara Gueye
Title : In vitro Propagation and Conservation of Tropical RTBs
Robert Henry
Title : Application of Genomics to Enhanced Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources
Stefano Diulgheroff
Title : Towards the third global assessment on the state of PGRFA conservation and use
Andreas Graner
Title : Challenges and opportunities for value capture from plant genetic resources
Calvin O. Qualset
Title : Agrobiodiversity: Key to Agricultural Productivity
Devin Bartley
Title : Aquatic Genetic Resources and Technologies for Food and Environmental Security
Bhuwon Sthapit
Title : On-farm/in situ conservation of tropical fruit tree diversity: Emerging concepts and practices
Hiroshi Abe
Title : Plant DNA resources in RIKEN BRC to bridge the gap between gene function and phenotype
SJ Hiemstra
Title : Complementary Strategies for AnGR Conservation and for Global Innovation Challenges
R. C. Upadhyay
Title : Biodiversity of fleshy fungi, their conservation and applications for human welfare
Andy Jarvis
Title : Global Crop Origins and Shifts in the Geography of Global Food Crops into the Future
Kenza Le Mentec
Title : Invasive species and International trade
S B Gokhale
Title : Experiences on conservation of Indian dairy animal biodiversity
Edwin Southern
Title : Fighting climate stress with Orphan Legumes
N K Singh
Title : Indian wild rice- diversity, population structure, trait value and relation with cultivated rice
S C Dubey
Title : Plant Quarantine System for PGR in India
Vibha Ahuja
Title : Biosaftey issues and preparedness for GMOs
Ronnie Vernooy
Title : A resource box for resilient seed systems
Kevin Pixley
Title : The Seeds of Discovery Initiative: A Learning Model Towards Effective and Equitable Use of Genetic Resources
Sukhwinder Singh
Title : Global challenges and Urgency For Partnerships to Apply Genetic Resources
Robert J. Hijmans
Title : Spatial variation in crop diversity: from genes to landscapes
Rishi Kumar Tyagi
Title : Conservation of PGR for effective utilization: New Initiatives at NBPGR
G J Randhawa
Bal K Joshi
Title : Policy Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change
Olivier Hanotte
Title : Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) for Food Security
Bikram Gill
Title : Sears to Sequencing: Deciphering the Potential of Wheat for Hunger-Free World
Wang Yun Yue

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