Things Discussed in 1st International Agro-Biodiversity Congress (IAC 2016)

The first ever International Agro-Biodiversity Congress was held last year (2016) in New Delhi. In November 2016, between 6 to 9 date of the month, the congress was met and more than 900 participants from the 90 different countries of the world attended this congress. During the discussion in these 3 days, they have taken many decisions which can help world to fight against the climate change, to improve agro products and productions, and many more. Here we are underlining all the major highlights of 1st International Agro-Biodiversity Congress (IAC2016).

Highlights of First IAC Declaration, 2016

International Agro-Biodiversity CongressAll the participating countries have urged and to improve bond between research and policy makers to initiate strategies to use more and more agro-biodiversity like corp wild in many situations. Also, they urged the researches to get done the farm conservation strategies to meet the goals of food security and to feed nutrition to all population.

IAC2016 has focused more on the climate change, bio diversity loss and land degradation (which makes super loss to the farmers).

To provide the good health, good nutrition, food security and other basic problems, participating country’s representatives has urged to make Agro-biodiversity as the top priority.

It also been stated by the participating nations to emphasize traditional knowledge of agro biodiversity in all age group of people including man, women, and all rural communities.

Participating nations also considered the rural and tribal communities role in use of food and climate resilient world.

Nation representatives also gave importance to direct the government policies to be made to public awareness and to make capacity enhancement programs on bio-diversity usage.

To draw attention of world to “agro biodiversity”, Participating nations recommended UN (United Nations) to declare one year on “Year of Agro-Biodiversity).

They also suggested preparing the agro-biodiversity index, which will help and identify use of agro-diversity and conversation.

The participants put greater emphasize on exchange of animal, plant, aquatic microbial, genetic resources for food and agriculture to meet the increasing need of nutrition in all over the world.

To easy and safer transfer of genetic resources between countries, the IAC has also told the participants to normalize the legal systems and to prioritize to improve phytosanitary capacity.

To increase productivity of farmers across the world, to increase resilience, to address malnutrition, increase the eco system service, the nations urged the public and private partnership sector firms to invest more and incentivize the utilization of agro-biodiversity.

Also, the IAC (International AgroBiodiversity Congress) has recommended meeting IAC every 3 or 5 years to discuss new issues and to provide solutions mutually.

These are the points being discussed in the first International Agro Biodiversity Congress, in 2016. We will update you with the next meeting date of Agro Bio diversity congress.

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