Top #5 Qualities of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Whenever it comes to the question of luxurious cotton sheets, it’s natural to think about Egyptian cotton. It is termed as the gold standard cotton due to its best-in-class features. It is a mind-blowing amalgamation of luxury and comfort and so it’s heavily used as a material in bed linens. Now, it’s time to check out the qualities for which Egyptian cotton sheets have become a leading choice around the globe.

Egyptian Cotton SheetsNo Pilling

Pilling is one of the most unwanted issues of fabric that’s not only uncomfortable but also unsightly and this problem is seen in sheets of lower thread counts. However, with Egyptian cotton sheets, you won’t face this problem at all. Egyptian cotton plant’s fibers produce negligible lint (if any) that has made pilling absolutely a rare occasion.

Higher Thread Count

When it comes to the detection of sheet quality, the most significant indicator is thread count. It is defined as the number of threads that are entwined together. Higher quality sheets signify higher thread count and so Egyptian cotton sheets are so much comfortable and luxurious, as compared to others. It can be a sufficient reason to choose Egyptian cotton sheets for the utilization. We recommend you to go with SGI Bedding Egyptian Cotton Sheets, one of the good egyptian cotton sheet with highest thread count.

Longest Cotton Staples

Staple is defined as the cotton fiber’s length and longer staples signify greater in quality. Among all other cotton fibers, the fibers’ of Egyptian cotton are the longest and it’s the most appropriate choice for the production of sheets. It is due to the fact that the combination of longer fibers is capable of creating an incredibly delicate yarn that is softer and lustrous, as compared to regular cotton fibers.


If you are suffering from night sweats or feeling sleeping difficulty in times of hot weather, then you need a breathable sheet and luckily, we have Egyptian cotton. Due to the excellent breathable feature, air can easily flow through it, resulting in cooling and comfortable feeling all around the night.


If you can take care of your Egyptian cotton sheets, then they will last for a long time, as compared to other sheets available in markets today. The robust weaving of fibers makes these sheets incredibly durable and long-lasting. However, you have to handle and maintain them properly. According to an expert, you should wash Egyptian cotton sheets on weekly basis in order to make them clean. Dust and dirt in the Egyptian cotton sheets usually break down the fibers, resulting in the appearance of wear and tear signs in those sheets.


Don’t think Egyptian cotton sheets are very much costly and beyond your budget, however, most of the people can somehow afford it. Although these sheets are not the cheapest sheets and we can’t expect it to be like that. You will get incredible value in the return on your investment. With proper maintenance, they will last for years.

Egyptian cotton sheets appropriate in every way and if you want to make your sleeping experience more comfortable and relaxing, then switch to Egyptian cotton sheets. You deserve the best sleeping experience.

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